Color Blue and White
Shape Rectangle
Material 100% Cotton
63 x 126


  • Buffalo Check Tablecloth: Blue Plaid Tablecloth seats 8-10 People Reusable and machine launderable checkered cotton tablecloth made with cotton texture.
  • Checkered Cotton tablecloth Hand-sewed with cotton and you can hold it without any problem. We have made the Cotton checked tablecloths Size 63 X 109" and 63 X 126" with checkboxes (1 inch) brandishing blue and cream flavor.
  • Buffalo Plaid Tablecloth: Our Cotton Tablecloths utilized for Thanksgiving, Winter, evening gatherings, weddings, meals, occasion engaging, eateries, Halloween, Christmas celebrations, cooking, and regular use.
  • Blue Cotton Tablecloth: Blue Plaid tablecloth is machine launderable, reusable, and impervious to earth. Along these lines, you can utilize them with no problems.
  • Checkered Tablecloth: Cotton Tablecloth With Hemstitched corners for a sumptuous look. For good outcomes, we suggest washing them at ordinary level water and pressing at 40-degree Celsius.
  • Other than being utilized for regular purposes, these tablecloths add an alternate appeal when utilized during the Christmas season. blue tablecloth You could bring them out for any unique event, suppers, informal breakfasts, potlucks, BBQs, buffets, showers, birthday celebrations, providing food purposes.
  • What's more, on the off chance that you are somebody who loves appreciating tasting drinks outside in the midst of the greens, at that point you should have one spread on the open air table also.
  • At the point when the client is so shifted, at that point the odds of the plaid tablecloth getting messy is likewise high. You need not stress over that as these tablecloths are machine launderable at typical temperature water in a delicate cycle followed by a tumble dry.
  • For better outcomes you can press them at 40 degrees. Celsius and there you are prepared indeed to brandish the cotton, ecologically benevolent, reusable buffalo check tablecloth.