• 100% cotton square tablecloth (52x52").
  • Sporting aqua blue and cream flavor.
  • Tablecloth seats 3 - 4 People, cloth made with cotton fabric.
  • Buffalo Plaid Tablecloth With Hemstitched corners for a luxurious look.
  • Machine washable at normal-level water and ironing at 40-degree Celsius.

Black & White Check Tablecloth:

  • Cotton check tablecloths Hand-stitched with cotton and you can hold it easily.we have made the cotton checked tablecloths Size 52x52" inches with checkboxes (2 inches) sporting black and white flavor.
  • Black Cotton Tablecloth Tablecloth seats 3 - 4 People Reusable and machine washable cotton table cloth made with cotton fabric.
  • Our Tablecloths used for Thanksgiving, Winter, dinner parties, weddings, banquets, holiday entertaining, restaurants, Halloween, Christmas parties, catering, and everyday use.
  • Our table cloth is machine washable, reusable, and resistant to dirt. So, you can use them without any hassles.
  • Plaid Tablecloth With Hemstitched corners for a luxurious look. For good results, we recommend washing them at normal-level water and ironing at 40-degree Celsius.

Buffalo plaid tablecloth square: 

  • Buffalo Check Tablecloth: 

The cotton tablecloth comes with the forever in fashion buffalo checks. The beauty and timeless appeal of checks runs through generations and is always a great way to decorate your dining table. 

  • Cotton Weaved Buffalo Check Tablecloth: 

The buffalo plaid tablecloth is crafted with cotton which makes it an ideal fabric for your table. Cotton is a natural fabric and is best for regular use. 

  • The Classic Black and White Buffalo Plaid Tablecloth: 

The checks are in the classic black and white color. This combination of black and white looks smart, elegant, and stands out.

Square tablecloth 52x52 cotton

Buffalo Plaid Square Tablecloth

Square tablecloth checkered: 

  • Square Size Cotton Checkered Tablecloth: 

To ensure the table is comfortably covered from all ends, the cotton black and white checkered tablecloth is available in sizes – 52x52 inches. 

  • Gifting Option: 

If you are looking at gifting your loved one for birthday, housewarming, anniversary or any other special occasion, the black and white plaid tablecloth is an excellent option.

Square tablecloth checkered

Buffalo Plaid Square Tablecloth

Buffalo check tablecloth square: 

  • Pair it with checkered napkins: 

To complete the look of your table scape, you can pair up the checkered tablecloth with matching napkins. 

  • Soft and Absorbent Buffalo Check Cotton Tablecloth: 

The cotton tablecloth feels soft and absorbs heat, stains, and spillage easily leaving the surface of the table unharmed and protected. 

  • Protect the Table with Black and White Buffalo Plaid Cotton Tablecloth: 

The easiest and beautiful way to protect the surface of your table is by using a cotton tablecloth which ensures the surface remains unharmed.