Strong and ABSORBENT: It's difficult to come by a solid, excellent napkin that is thick to the point of being adequate for each dinner. ClassicPoint Ultra-Premium Napkins are THICK, DURABLE and ABSORBENT and your visitors will doubtlessly ponder where you got them.
Delicate and DISPOSABLE: Made from the mildest DISPOSABLE material accessible available today, and they are additionally a lot FRIENDLIER TO THE ENVIRONMENT than re-washing fabric cloth napkins. Obviously, being expendable makes tidying up after supper SO MUCH EASIER!
Build up FREE: Don't you disdain wearing decent garments and putting your napkin on your lap, just to acknowledge later that your pleasant garments have napkin build up all over them? ClassicPoint Ultra-Premium napkins are build up free!
BETTER PACKAGING: ClassicPoint Ultra-Premium napkins arrive in an extraordinarily planned bundle to help with keeping the supper napkins continually putting their best self forward and to take into account simple stockpiling.
Very VERSATILE and GREAT SIZE: ClassicPoint UltraPly 15.5"x15.5" Dinner Napkins have the collapsed size of 8" x 4"