Premium Quality Fabrication-Our decorative liner are made with 100% polyester. This material is more tough than different textures. Likewise, our decorative spread is without wrinkle, and of good hotness opposition, thermoplasticity and light obstruction.
Insurance to tables-Our decorative liners decrease the sliding and commotion of silverware, so shield tables from scratches and spills. Furthermore, our decorative liners are great adornment of feasting tables!
Different examples and sizes-We have different examples and sizes for you.Oblong defender 60X84 inch. Multiuse for 6-8 seats rectangular-molded tabletops.
Numerous Uses-Our decorative liners can be utilized to enliven your lounge area, or anyplace indoor or outside you like. They are likewise great to be rack covers, or even excursion garments.
Simple Care-Our decorative liners are water-safe, so you can just eliminate most messes with cleaning fabrics or wipes. The decorative liners are machine launderable. They are solid, and won't blur.