100 percent COTTON: These terry towels are made of 100 percent Pure Natural Ring Spun Cotton and Biodegradable. We use BCI Certified Cotton. Individual from the most rumored Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) of Switzerland.
Simple CARE: Machine Washable - Ring-turned cotton in Unique Terry weave turns out to be considerably milder, fluffier, and more spongy with progressive washings. We prescribe to WASH DISH TOWELS BEFORE FIRST USE. These dishtowels are enduring and solid for some washes. Negligible Shrinkage might happen subsequent to washing/drying.
OEKO-TEX STANDARD: These Quality Dish towels are produced using Our OEKO-Tex Certified Factory to guarantee it Surpasses the best quality of testing and engineered materials accessible for Home Textile Products.
Spongy and LOW LINT: These Dish towels with an advantageous size of 16 x 26 inches-ideal for drying the cooking wares or some other silverware without abandoning streaks or little filaments, no build up and sans scratch. They come impeccably with inns, bars, homes and workplaces. The Unique weave design makes it more retentive and holds more water while cleaning. Adaptable and quick drying smell free drying towel for all your kitchen needs. Hanging circle accessible for simple stockpiling.
Esteem GIFT PACK: 100 percent ensured to satisfy your hopes. This delightfully bundled set of 4 (2 strong and 2 matching exemplary stripe) Dish towels is an insightful present for a housewarming or a Back to school youngsters. Give an endowment of direction and style.